LIVE Course in Friedrichshain

Chorus Line & Solo Jazz with Claire

Date: 17.08. 2022|Wednesdays
Time: 18:00 - 19:00 
Koko&Lores | RevalerStr. 29, 10245 Berlin Ostkreuz

Price pro Person: 15€ (Incl. Social Dancing 20:00 - 23:00)
Price 10s- Card: 120€

Using Chorus Line as an orientation...
What is a Chorus line? That you can read on wikipedia or several swing blogs. However we want to focus on being open to different movement and the quality of the movement.
We will learn a choreography over some weeks (not neccessarily  for the whole song). So that we can get a natraul understanding of the interpretation of music. The more we pravtice on the choreography (without thinking and without improvisation) the more we feel the music and get into the flow. Once we stop thinking about what to do, we can be sensible to the details. This is how we actually work on the quality  of our movement and start putting our style into the dance.

My thought about the Level...

Danced for many years doesn't mean dance better. Learn fast doesn't mean remember the choreography fast. What I mean is, we all have our strength and weakness. However thank God that solo dancing is all about oneself. We will need some weeks to get our dancing on the same page and feel like a group. And I will let the TIME brings us all together.

And now you have read all my thoughts. I look forward having you in my training group.

To sign up you just need to write me an email. Please share your dance experience and wishes with me in this email. Of course you will get a confirmation email from me as well :)

Swing Happy,