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About this Project 

What is a Chorus line? That you can read on wikipedia or several swing blogs. However we want to focus on being open to different movement and how to present yourself.

First part:
You will learn a choreography over some weeks with videos provided by Claire. The self-learning part will take about 5 to 6 weeks. During this time you can film yourself and send to Claire. She will give you personal feedback and helpful tipps. 
Advantages of this part:
1) You can learn by yourself in your tempo, when and where you want. You put as much time as you need to learn. You don't need to commit to a weekly class and you still have time to take other dance classes and learn from other teachers.
2) You are not caught into the "Level"-definition. You can practice as much as you want without feeling bad with a particular part, that you might take more time than others.
3) Meanwhile you can get twice coached by Claire and get personal feedbacks. Video can be zoom-ish or recorded. (Max. 30min) So you really get what you need, and not a general idea of how to improve. 
4) Even if you don't live in Berlin, you have at the chance to join our project. The only important live events are March 19. the rehearsal workshop and the performance, that you can plan to visit Berlin in advance.

Second part:
There is a a 3-hour-rehearsal workshop all together on March 19th. (12:00-15:00 at weRK36) This rehearsal is preparing you for the performance. We will go through the choreography and get into formation and synchronisation, which is the most fun part: team work. 

Third part:

This is the actual PERFORMANCE! Here you see the result of your hard work. Enjoy the exciting 3 minutes on stage and experience the backstage fun. 


*10 Spots available 
*First Video will be provided on Feb. 11th. (Saturday)

*A performance will be planed. around End of March. Possible dates: March 23. or 30. at Spiegelsaal in Clärchens Ballhaus
*95€ (Brutto, incl. 19% VAT) for all the learning videos, 2 coaching session á 30min max., 3h rehearsa
l workshop, performance organisation (1 performance promised, happy to organise more :) )
*Sign up: please write an email to and share your dance experience and wishes with Claire. Of course you will get a confirmation email. After pay
ment you will receive the access to the learning videos.



ARTE Concert: Swing with Claire

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