LIVE Course in Friedrichshain

Chorus Line Training & Ladies Empowerment

Date: 03. März 2022|Thursdays
Time: 19:15 - 20:45 | 90min | extra 30min practice and coaching after the training
Venue: _innenraum | Landsberger Allee 61, 10249 Berlin | M10, M5, M6, M8, S41, S42

Preis Drop In: 15€ 
Preis Abo (per Month): 45€

Trainer: Claire

Dear Dancer,

if you are interested in joining this trainings group, please read the following text about my intension and the execution.

I have been teaching and performing swing dancing for several years. The experience as a performer has not only widened my view of being a dancer, but also gave me understanding of precision and  empowered me to learn different styles. Most excitingly it stabilised me mentally and redefined me in many ways.

Right before the lockdown I completed my systemic coaching training, and during the lockdown I asked myself: What would I like to give back to the swing community? What else can I do besides teaching steps and moves? And here is my answer: I want to share this wonderful experience with you.

You don't need to perform in front of anyone, though you could!

You need to love dancing and are open for something new!
And here is the training plan:

divided 90min in to two parts.

First part - Dancers Workout:  

This part got underestimated for too long. Without training some certain muscles one can't do certain moves! 
This workout will train those muscles you need for stability, for turns, for strength and for health. We care about fine movements even into your fingers and toes.

Learning a move is one thing, but training your muscles to do it well is another thing. Let's be each others motivator to train our body well.

PS: My very first trainer told me once:"Workout is also a kind of dance." I tell myself everytime I do workout and I will share this with you as well.

Second part - Choreography:

I am convinced that learning choreography is the best way to keep up your body and mind. In a choreography one always learns something new, whether a new move, a new transition or even a new kind of interpretation of moves.
Through repetition everything gets better. This is how our brain learns to learn and learns to remember.  

My thought about the Level...

Danced for many years doesn't mean dance better. Learn fast doesn't mean remember the choreography fast. What I mean is, we all have our strength and weakness. However thank God that solo dancing is all about oneself. We will need some weeks to get our dancing on the same page and feel like a group. And I will let the TIME brings us all together.

Our first choreography will be either a typical 20s Charleston or an exotic Mambo. Let´s get the group decide together.

And now you have read all my thoughts. I look forward having you in my training group.

To sign up you just need to write me an email. Please share your dance experience and wishes with me in this email. Of course you will get a confirmation email from me as well :)


Swing Happy,