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As a swing dance instructor, Claire discovered her passion by chance.

The flow of life led her on the journey of a performer and choreographer.

But beyond that, she sees another dimension to her work:

mediation and coaching.

Claire is a passionate advocate of the Swing Era, whose heart beats for swing and Charleston. For her, the 1920s to 1940s are more than just a historical period – they embody a way of life, a profound philosophy that significantly shapes both her professional career and personal calling. Her artistic journey has taken her from the beginnings as a dance teacher to the world of performances, culminating in the role of an inspiring choreographer for her dance group, Les Belles Magnifiques.

But for Claire, it's about more than just dance steps – for her, dance is a medium to connect people. This deep connection to others is reflected in her unconventional career path: Today, Claire leverages her extensive experience and insights to work as a mediator and coach for Empowerment Pathways. She impressively conveys that life is never monotonous and that every person can define and realize their own "Unity" and place in the universe. Claire stands as a shining example of how to live one's calling with passion and dedication and pave the way for others to unfold their personal development.

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