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Discover the exclusive world of Slide and Swing, where Spanish craftsmanship meets the timeless charm of vintage aesthetics. Inspired by the unparalleled style of the 1920s, our shoe collection combines elegance and vibrancy in an extraordinary design. Each pair of our shoes is a work of art, crafted from 100% high-quality leather brought to life by the hands of experienced artisans in Spain.

Our shoes are not only a statement of style but also of comfort. Carefully selected leathers and specially designed leather soles offer a perfect balance that makes every step a pleasure. Colorful and expressive, each design tells its own story and brings an individual touch to your wardrobe.

For dancers, Slide and Swing shoes are a dream come true. Whether it's Swing, Tango, or Salsa, our shoes ensure the perfect dancing experience by being not only comfortable and elegant but also providing the necessary support and flexibility to execute every move with grace.

We cordially invite you to experience the magic for yourself. Visit our showroom in the heart of Berlin Friedrichshain, where you'll have the opportunity to try on our collection at your leisure and receive personalized advice. Please schedule an appointment so that we can dedicate enough time to you. Seeing is believing – let the quality and beauty of our shoes convince you. Slide and Swing awaits you to ignite your passion for dance and fashion with every step.

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